14 Easy Tips for Hiding the Smell of Weed

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14 Easy Tips for Hiding the Smell of Weed

Marijuana has a well-known habit of announcing itself, and there may be times when you need to hide the smell—such as when your landlord, parents, or grandma comes to visit or you’re interviewing for a new job.Hiding the smell of weed

And if you just finished a smoke session and are thinking of leaving the house, you don’t want to head into town smelling like a fresh blunt. In states like Washington, where public consumption can land you in hot water with the police, you never want to give the impression that you might be in possession outside of your home.Hiding the smell of weed

So for those times when you need to keep your marijuana use on the DL, you’ll need to know how to hide the smell of weed.$45
How to Prevent the Smell of Weed

The best way to hide a marijuana smell is to prevent it from building up in the first place. Some of these tips relate to the method of consumption and others to discreet places to enjoy your smoke session.
Consume Edibles, Tinctures, and Capsules

Once upon a time, cannabis users were all about smoking weed. But nowadays, you don’t need to smoke weed to enjoy the medicinal benefits or to get high. If you want to enjoy marijuana discreetly and without any lingering smell, try consuming your marijuana in the form of edibles, tinctures, or capsules rather than smoking a joint or blunt—at least when discretion is warranted. You can find all of these types of products in our Bellevue marijuana dispensary.
Try a Vaporizer, Pipe, or Bowl

Medical patients might want to feel the effects of THC a little quicker than an edible would allow. In this case, inhaling cannabis vapor from distillates could be the best option. Compared to traditional smoking, vape pens produce noticeably less smoke and come without the smell of burnt paper—especially if they’re set at just the right temperature. You could also try a bong or pipe or pack a small bowl with only enough cannabis flower for one hit.hiding the smell of weed
Store Marijuana in a Sealed Container

A weed smell can escape even if you’re not smoking weed. Grinding or even storing cannabis flowers can be enough to give the game away. Rather than using Ziploc bags (which won’t hide the smell), keep your weed in a mason jar or vacuum bag in a cool, dry place at home. Proper storage on the go can be a little more difficult. However, some brands sell marijuana accessories that can help keep your prerolls discreet.hiding the smell of weed
Make a Homemade Sploof

A sploof is a filter you can use to catch weed smoke on its way out. While you can purchase a commercial sploof, it’s easy to make your own with a cardboard cylinder or toilet paper roll, dryer sheet or paper towel, and elastic band. To make a sploof, simply place the dryer sheet over the end of the cardboard cylinder or toilet paper roll and secure it with the rubber band.
Smoke Outside if Legal

Smoking outside is the best way to prevent a weed smell from seeping into the furnishings in your home. However, many states that have legalized marijuana don’t allow people to smoke weed in public places. If you don’t have a balcony, patio, or garden, you could simply exhale out of the window to keep the smoke “outside.” Be mindful of the direction of the wind so it doesn’t all go in your neighbor’s lounge!
Window and Fan

Aside from smoking outside, proper ventilation can really help when you want to hide your smoking habit. In a well-ventilated area, point a fan at the window and exhale into the back of the fan. The fan will blow the smoke out of the window, taking odors out of the room. Again, be mindful of where the smells are blowing to, as sending the smoke your neighbor’s way won’t help you hide your cannabis use.hiding the smell of weed
Smoke in the Bathroom

If a fan in the room isn’t an option, make use of the bathroom fan instead. First, put a damp towel under the door to stop the smell from seeping out into the other room. Then, run hot water from the shower until you build up a bit of steam, turn on the fan, and smoke away. The weed smell should go up and be collected by the fan, leaving very little evidence behind.
Use a Carbon Filter for Homegrown Marijuana

Homegrown cannabis can give off an odor thanks to the strong scent of the terpenes. To prevent your indoor cannabis garden from affecting more air than needed, keep the growing area enclosed and use a carbon filter to stop the fumes from seeping out. Another benefit of using a carbon filter is that it can absorb bacteria and pathogens that could harm your crop. It’s a win-win for the grower as well as the plants!
Use an Air Purifier in the Room

Finally, before you start a smoking session, turn on an air purifier that will absorb the smoke and neutralize any odors of weed. It’s more effective to start the air purifier before you begin rather than after you’re done, as the machine can help to prevent the smoke from penetrating the furnishings and upholstery in the room.
How to Clean Up the Smell of Weed

If you’re expecting a visit from your landlord or moving to a new rental property, you’ll need to get rid of any odors and smells that have still managed to seep into your house. You might also want to get rid of scents that have made their way into your clothes. That’s where cleaning up comes in.
Take out the Trash

It’s easier to remove the smell of cannabis if you don’t have cannabis lying around! When it’s time to clean up, empty your ashtrays, throw your used cannabis in the trash, and take any smelly refuse outside. Then, give your ashtrays, smoking accessories, and possibly even your trash can a wash to remove any lingering smell.
Shampoo the Curtains and Carpet

Curtains and carpets are notorious for soaking up smoke and keeping that weed smell around your house. Before an inspection or before moving house, have your curtains and carpets professionally cleaned to remove any lingering smell. If it’s just for a once-off visit and you don’t have the funds to pay for a professional clean, you can hand-wash the curtains and rent a steam cleaner to clean and shampoo the carpets yourself.
Clean Your Teeth, Hair, and Clothes

If you personally don’t want to smell like weed, take a shower, wash your hair, put on some fresh clothes, and brush your teeth before heading to your destination. In a pinch, chewing some gum and applying some eye drops can help make your cannabis use more discreet. Remember that medical marijuana usage is legal in more states than recreational marijuana, so if you’re going to a job interview, take a valid medical marijuana card in case you receive any questions from your prospective employer.
How to Cover Up the Smell

If you take all of the above precautions, there shouldn’t be much of an aroma of cannabis. However, if you’ve let your cannabis hygiene slip or only want to hide the smell briefly, there are a couple of ways to cover the scent.
Burn Incense, Light Candles, or Diffuse Essential Oils

Filling your home with other scents can help you hide the smell of weed. You could try burning scented candles from the moment you prepare to light up or burn some natural incense, like palo santo or sandalwood. If you’re more of a fan of vapor rather than fighting smoke with smoke, diffuse some essential oils around the room, such as patchouli, lavender, or eucalyptus. You can also use these natural scents to make your own organic cologne.
Cook Something Fragrant

If you don’t have any candles, incense, or essential oils lying around, try cooking something with a strong aroma instead. Garlic, onion, and fish are well-known for their strong smell. You could also pop a batch of something yummy in the oven. While a burnt smell might work for covering the scent of weed, you really don’t want to burn your cooking because you’ll end up with a smell that’s worse than the one you had at the start!
Discreet Cannabis Is Possible

If you’re still worried about how to hide the smell of weed, try out these tips and find out which ones work for you! Most cannabis users prefer not to smell like a marijuana tent on legs, so they’ve come up with inventive ways to prevent and hide the smell of weed.

As they say, “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and as you experiment, you should certainly find a trick that works for you.