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Blue Nerdz, also known as “blue nerds rope,” “Blue Nerds,” “Pink Nerds,” “Nerds OG,” “nerds strain,” and “blue nerds strain,” is a balanced hybrid weed strain.

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Blue Nerdz, also known as “blue nerds rope,” “Blue Nerds,” “Pink Nerds,” “Nerds OG,” “Nerdz OG,” and “blue nerds strain,” is a balanced hybrid weed strain obtained by crossing Strawberry Cough with Grape Ape. . But the effects of Nerds are euphoric and cerebral. Nerds have a reputation for stimulating creativity.

Are nerds strain strong?

Lineage Of The Nerds Strain

You will have to try the delicious flavor due to the strain’s name. Grape Ape will have the aroma of grapes and the taste of berries. But the high is very relaxing, as it is a 90/10 Indica-dominant hybrid. The Nerds strain is around 21 percent THC, which is quite potent.

Is there a cherry nerds strain?

Cherry nerds strain is significant and usually comes in Lightning Lemon and Amped Apple. But they are packaged in regular boxes. A second flavor—Shocking Strawberry and Electric Blue—was also released.

What do white Nerds strain taste like?

White nerds strain is neon-colored mini candies shaped like irregular pebbles. Although today they come in various flavors like orange, cherry, and watermelon, the original ones were grape and strawberry flavored.

Blue nerds strain flavors

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This hybrid has a mixture of hash and grapes, with a hint of strawberry. Blue nerds rope may be a good choice for anxiety, stress, and mood disorders patients. Its light bodily effects may ease some aches and pains, and nausea.

Characteristics of Blue Nerds Strain by Rappers 1st Choice

Plant Type



  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain


  • Indica Hybrid


  • Dry/Red Eyes