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Grape Pie Gelato is an Indica-leaning hybrid with bitter and sugary grape aromas. This strain produces a high that can initially send you into euphoria before landing on the couch to watch TV. Grape Pie crosses Gage Green Group’s Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper. But this strain resembles a classic old-school purple strain with Terpiaceous trichomes offering delicious aromas of sour and sugary grape associated with Grape Stomper.

Grapple strain x Gelato #41 is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is a wicked cross of two sweet parent strains. But this potent hybrid alleviates loss of appetite, insomnia, and mood swings. This strain is a winner with sweet and sour citrus flavors and fuel aromas.

What strain is a daily grape strain?

Daily grape strain is a cross of, you guessed it, Grape Pie and Gelato. Grape Pie is a cross between Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper, and Gelato is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mints GSC.

Is jungle pie strain a Sativa or Indica?


Jungle pie strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid known for its delicious flavors and potentially potent effects. Thanks to breeders like Jungle Boys and Cannarado Genetics, the strain has become extremely popular among cannabis lovers. The hybrid is a cross between Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper.

How does grape gelato make you feel?

The high of grape gelato is as heady as its taste. It starts euphoric with a tingling sensation in your head but quickly spreads to the rest of your body and can knock you out before you know it. Grapple strain marijuana will leave you sedated, relaxed and comfortable with your new world.

What is the highest gelato pie strain?

As a hybrid product, the most dominant variety is Indica, while the most potent is gelato number 45. But it has an excellent high THC content of 27%. Its high THC percentage and terpene profile make the Gelato strain popular with most users.