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Gumbo Pop is an Indica weed strain created by crossing two unknown strains. Gumbo is named for its distinctive bubblegum flavor. But this strain produces relaxing and sleepy Indica effects. Gumbo features a pine aroma with a smooth finish. Medical marijuana patients suffering from aches and pains often choose Gumbo.

Why is it called Gumbo strain?

Most food historians concur that this well-known southern Louisiana cuisine has its roots in West Africa. Okra was used as a thickening in West Africans’ version of the dish, and the word “gumbo” is derived from the word “ki combo,” meaning okra.

How strong is Gumbo strain?

When you look at gumbo buds, you may notice that most are relatively round and covered in deep green hues and burnt orange pistils. THC levels tend to average between ages 10-20, while veteran and novice users have said they have enjoyed the effects of this strain.

What is the 929 gumbo strain made of?

929 gumbo strain, a blend of multiple types of marijuana combined to form one pot of goodness, turned out to be Major’s answer. She states, “It’s unique and can’t be copied. It’s pretty consistent, too.”

What does it mean to smoke the Gumbo shark strain?

It’s a slang name for our area’s latest combination of drugs. “gumbo shark strain” is a marijuana cigarette mixed with a dangerous cocktail that sometimes includes ecstasy, synthetic marijuana, and even cocaine, in addition to phencyclidine, also known as PCP.

What is the strong gourmet gumbo strain of weed?

Godfather OG is possibly the strain with the most THC. Labs put the THC levels of the gourmet gumbo strain at 30-35%. Godfather OG is promoted as the most potent marijuana strain in the world.