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Indoor Smalls For Sale

Indoor Smalls are less expensive but easier to pack and grind than large buds. Contrary to popular belief, small cannabis buds are just as tasty and high in THC and CBD as larger buds, which means they’re worth it if you can find the small version of your favorite strain.

Is VGH OG strain the same as popcorn?

While the term “VGH OG strain” is a famous jargon used among shoppers and consumers, there are other names for it. “Popcorn” or “minis” are also used to describe them. Also, some dispensaries even make up their word.

What are indoor OG smalls?

Cannabis Buds, small (AdobeStock) VGH OG strain pieces of cannabis 1P LSD flowers once part of larger buds. But the shake usually falls off the buds when handled or pushed in the packaging. Producers can use it to make pre-rolled joints.

What does Smalls mean for flowers?

Indoor OG smalls, the size of a marble or smaller, are appropriately referred to as “Small” and are considered lower quality than larger buds. The big and small ones may come from the same crop and plants, but they will leach out in the packaging process.

What ginseng OG strain?

Heat and Humidity Stress

Excessive heat or humidity can damage your plants, causing them to produce skinny buds to defend against potential fungi, pests, or pathogens. But the less dense and less potent flowers arrive at harvest time.