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Lemon Cherry Runtz is a hybrid strain containing both Indica and Sativa varieties, each bringing its benefits to the table. But these strains are bred together to create a single, hybrid strain with a unique combination.

The cherry lemon runtz strain is an Indica dominant strain. It delivers a spicy but sweet taste leaving you friendly and relaxed after a long day while keeping you on your feet! The cherry lemon runtz strain is an Indica dominant strain.

What is the red runtz strain?

Red runtz strain is a hybrid weed strain that crosses Runtz and Cherry Pie, with beautiful purple buds to match. But the effects of Cherry Runtz are believed to be euphoric and tingling. Red runtz strain makes them feel excited, giggly, and sleepy. The red runtz strain is 17% THC and 1% CBG.

Is citrus runtz strain good?

Citrus runtz strain is potent and a great stress reliever. High sentiments are attached to this deliciously sweet-tasting variety. But it’s a great option to help relieve chronic pain, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. There are a few negatives; some may experience dry mouth and dry eyes.

Is citrus runtz strain Indica or Sativa?

Citrus Runtz Strain Background

Citrus runtz strain combines energy-boosting and relaxing effects – an indica-dominant hybrid leaning only slightly over to its Indica side at 60%. But its THC levels have a wide range of 19-29%, enough room for you to look for the right fit.

What is the aroma of the lemon runtz strain info high?

The aroma is much like a sour lemon candy enjoyed in a citrus grove just after a rain, with an earthy, woody note that strongly accentuates the tart lemon. Lemon runtz strain info high is less bright than the taste, with relaxing effects more suited to a lazy day or an afternoon when you don’t have much to do.