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What Strain is Mintz?

First bred by Seed Junky Genetics in Southern California, Kush Mintz is a hybrid made from the cross of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints. Mintz weed is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain consisting of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. Many people think it was created by crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG, while others believe it is a cross between Animal Cookies and Thin Mint GSC.

What Strain is Without Mintz?

SinMintz is a potent indica with a sweet and sour taste STRAWBERRY LEMONADE that produces soothing effects on the mind and body. The most muscular Indica strain is Grandmommy Purple. Being 80% Indica with THC levels up to 33%, Grandmommy Feminized Seeds give a powerful calming physical high lasting for a couple of hours.

How strong are Kush Mints?

While an average THC level of 23% doesn’t sound like much, many points out that Kush Mints packs a punch. When you’re ready to let the day’s cares slip away, consider giving this girl a chance. Seasoned smokers looking for an “all day” indica use this strain best. It will give you the euphoric body high you want without sitting on the couch. However, when it’s time to relax, you can be sure that this strain will help you fall asleep.

What is Kush Mintz?

Kush Mints Insa, also known as “Kush Mintz,” is a hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing Animal Mints with Bubba Kush. The result is a THC-rich strain with a unique mint flavor.
Kush Mints provide uplifting and happy effects. This variety has a complex flavor profile that tastes like mint and cookies.

What strain is LA Kush Mints?

Purple Mintz are descended from the indica Bubba Kush and the hybrid Animal Mints, and the lineage includes the two great families of strains, Kush and Cookies. Kush Mints get their flavor from Animal Mints. Zushilato cake carts are the strain that breaks expectations of what a cannabis bud can do. Classified as an Indica strain, with a content of around 90% that leaves room for 10% Sativa, yet its effects are much more typical of Sativa. This marijuana strain can alleviate depression and anxiety with its euphoric and uplifting properties.