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What variety is Papaya Kush?

Papaya is an Indica-dominant strain that smells and tastes strongly of mango and has a THC count range between 20 and 25 percent. Sporting a classic Indica stone, the body high of this strain is often described as narcotic.

Papaya Power strain is an evenly balanced hybrid strain that produces large, arrowhead-shaped buds filled with wispy, burnt-orange pistils. Its edges are covered in a layer of crystalline trichomes, and its light aroma has been compared to fruity bubblegum or candy. However, its flavor is what gives this strain its name.

What is Papaya Strain?

Papaya is a pest-resistant indica dominant strain with Nirvana as its breeder. It is a cross hybrid of Citral #13 and Ice #2.

It has a high THC content of up to 25%.

Papaya’s physical characteristics include blade-shaped buds, glossy green leaves, brown hair, and a crystalline appearance. It has a thick, sweet smell and a spicy taste.

Is Papaya a good variety?

Papaya also has cerebral effects that are uplifting and relaxing. Some users may also find that it relieves stress and clears the mind of negative thoughts. However, it would help if you considered this strain for evening or nighttime use.

Papaya Punch is a high potency, predominantly indica strain created by crossing the notorious Papaya x Purple Punch strains. Famous for its charming tropical berry flavor with a slightly spicy exhale and a noticeable hint of cheese, Papaya Punch will give you a delighting and relaxing smoke, perfect for an endless summer day.

What kind of high is OG?

For most users, OG Kush produces consistent effects: a well-balanced head and body high, complemented by intense euphoria and cerebral sensations. OG Kush specialists claim that a few hits will leave you in a peaceful trance.

Papaya Power is a hybrid cannabis strain that offers a well-balanced high. This strain crosses the Indica-dominant Master Kush and the Sativa-dominant Haze. The result is a strain that delivers a euphoric high while relaxing the body.