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What is Playa Sauce?

Get acquainted with one of the tastiest forms of cannabis concentrates. Live resin sauce, also known as terpene sauce or simply “Playa sauce,” is a popular new form of cannabis concentrate. Live resin has been gaining popularity recently due to its high terpene content, intense aroma, and flavor.

Is the Sauce Cart Actual?

Yes, “sauce carts” are actual, but they may or may not be sauce cartridges. Unlike the more generic term Playa sauce, which refers to any cartridge that contains sauce, Saucey carts are specific to the Saucey Farms brand.

Are live sauces and resins full-spectrum?

Many live sauce and resin products are full spectrum, meaning that the extraction process aims to preserve the integrity of the active compounds found in the cannabis trichomes. While not all live sauces and resins are full spectrum, those that encourage what is known as the “Entourage Effect.”

What is a Sauce vape cart?

Description: The Theory Sauce Cartridge is a unique blender concentrate with strain-specific flavor profiles and perfect for vaping. Our oil retains a broad spectrum of cannabis terpenes for rich flavor and powerful effects.

How many hits does a sauce cart have?

The packaging recommends taking a five-second inhalation. I followed that advice, and the hit was complete and satisfying for a vape hit. The packaging also says that the cartridge contains 600 of those five-second hits. Based on my experience with cartridges, I didn’t expect much from the impact, so I took about three.

What is a Playa sauce live resin?

Live Resin Sauce is made from fresh plant material frozen immediately after harvest rather than dried and cured flowers, leaving the highest terpenes intact. For this reason, consumers who prioritize terpenes and flavor tend to like this type of sauce more than other concentrates.