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s Big Chief Real or fake?

Real big chiefs is DEFINITELY a copied and counterfeited brand. Since our last report, black market packaging, online sellers, and street vendors have multiplied many times.

Big Chief is the street name by which he is known in the world of street racing. His real name is Justin Shearer, and he was raised by a single mother. He has fond memories of his late father, who he credits for teaching him to the sport when he was young. His father’s career involved motor racing, and she often accompanied him when he competed.

Who is Big Chief from Street Outlaws?

Big chief disposable carts and talent for highway racing that he started at a young age. He was already famous in sports at the age of 12. Big Chief rose to fame thanks to the Discovery Channel show Street Outlaws, in which he stars. He displays clever racing moves that have made him a favorite of street racing fans.

What are the big bosses?

Big Chief is the most popular affordable vape brand at Tree Factory. Our customers need more high-potency oil that skips on flavor. The brand is vertically integrated and can control every step of its process.

Are there fake Big Chiefs?

But the growing proliferation of the black market for steam carts has spawned half a dozen imitators. So we have to conclude that regardless of the legitimacy of the company. There is a chance that Big Chiefs purchased on your local high street are fake.

What are the products of Big Chief carts?

Big Chief cart products contain distilled cannabis oil and food-grade terpenes from organic plants. The exact process is used for CBD and THC products. No cutting agent, such as vitamin E acetate, is used. Emulsifiers or synthetic products can possibly alter the formulation of cannabis oil and terpenes.