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Strawberry Smuckers For Sale

Strawberry Smuckers is an easy strain to use, as an average THC level of 15% allows both new and experienced smokers to enjoy its effects. Despite having an exact name, Strawberry’s aroma and flavor are complex, with hints of sweet cream and earthy notes dancing amongst the strong berry flavor.

What strain is Strawberry strain?

The strawberry strain is one of the Strawberry Sativa strains for Sativa lovers. But the strawberry strain is a potent strain with overwhelming effects attributed to its lineage (OG Kush and Strawberry Cough), making it one of the Strawberry Cough-like strains.

Is Strawberry strain a Cough?

This 80/20 Sativa-leaning behemoth, with a THC potency of over 18%, was not named lightly – it will make you cough up a storm. We’re still figuring out where Strawberry Cough comes from, but we know its probable origin is a cross between Erdbeer or Original Haze and an Indica created by Kyle Kushman.

How strong is a melted strawberry strain?

With a mild THC level averaging 18%, the melted strawberry strain is excellent for first-time smokers. It provides a complex aroma of citrus and strawberries with lingering notes of earthy pine on the nose. At the same time, it offers a flavor profile similar to a musky strawberry imitation.

Is Sativa the sour strawberry strain?

There is no suspicion that Sativa strains are very potent weeds with high THC levels. But the most powerful Sativa varieties tend to have a low level of CBD and a high level of THC, which is responsible for that euphoric and psychoactive high. Sativa strains are known to keep you awake and active.

What is the golden strawberry strain?

Sukhumweed, also known as “weed sour” for short, is an Indica cannabis strain developed by DNA Genetics in partnership with Serious Seeds. A genetic cross of Crockett’s Sukhumweed and the “weed sour” Bubble Gum phenotype, the Strawberry Banana inherited a sweet and fruity flavor, hence its name.