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White Guava, also known as White Hot Guava, is a hybrid Cannabis strain. He says this strain makes them feel relaxed, giggly and excited. If you have smoked, smoked, or enjoyed this variety of guava, please let us know!

A Sativa-leaning hybrid from the Cookies Fam, the white funk strain is a Gelato phenotype. Noted for its fruity and gassy aroma and flavor, this strain is excellent for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Is the Guava strain Indica or sativa?


The Guava strain, a Sativa-dominant phenotype of the Gelato strain, might become your new best bud. Although this strain leans heavily toward Sativa, it’s not overly stimulating and will calm your mind quick-like.

What is white funk strain good for?

White funk strain relaxes your physical aches and pains, and Guava Kush boosts creative energy that will have you express yourself however you see fit. But this mood booster is excellent for alleviating stress and increasing the mood of those who suffer from depression and anxiety.

Is the white hot guava Curaleaf Indica or Sativa?


The white hot guava Curaleaf is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. Also known as Triangle to some fans and breeders, she is not related to the infamous White Widow, although she does share that variety’s heavy trichome production. But the cannabis laboratory Analytical 360 has measured the THC levels of The White to be between 25 and 30%.

Is indica strong or sativa?

Indica strains typically have higher THC concentrations and are more powerful. Additionally, they are renowned for being more calming and giving a “body high.” Compared to indica plants, Sativa plants are higher and more slender. They are paler in color and have thinner leaves.

Is White Hot Guava an Indica?

FTH White Hot Guava is an Indica strain crossed between Guava Gelato and Mai Tai #4. But this smash hit combines the sweet aromas of guava, grape and fizzy diesel funk with powerful effects, leaving you feeling euphoric and calm with deep physical relaxation.