What is The Cartridge?

Cartridge Definition: A box or container containing a substance, device, or material that is difficult, troublesome, or inconvenient to handle and can usually be easily changed: as a tube that fits into a gun and contains a bullet and explosive material: a box or container that is put into a machine to make it work

Who is the cartridge saver?

The UK’s largest printer cartridge store, Cartridge Save, is the UK’s leading online cartridge supplier, with over a million customers across the country. Users with home printers, businesses, schools, and government agencies trust our award-winning service to supply them with the highest quality photo cartridges at the lowest prices.

How much does a toner cartridge cost?

The printer needs a new ink cartridge. Recent Examples on the Web In reality, Oyamada realized that the female was not holding a bird but some component of the printer, perhaps a toner cartridge. Nathaniel Rich, The New York Review of Books, December 1, 2022, Each cartridge sells for around $30 to $45, depending on the presentation.